Our Best Travel Resources in 2016

January Newsletter – Bringing in 2016

Goodbye to January and hello to early spring. We just finished kicking off the New Year by spending 10 days rock climbing in Mexico. Now that we’re home, we’re excited to get back to work on some big things happening in 2016. We’re working to improve the way that we communicate with our readers. One of those ways is by offering the best travel resources for you to use while planning your next big adventure. This includes everything from our destination guides, to our money saving advice, and a new lifestyle section.

Our Best Travel Resources

As a community, it’s our goal to bring you the most up to date information, and help in all matters and aspects of budget travel. Each month, we review our current material, and update our content. The best way to get direct help with your travel plans is by dropping us a line via our email, or through the contact page on the site. If you’re interested in general info and want to learn how we travel for less, check out our pages and resources below:

  • Finding Cheap Airfare – You may already have your own tricks and methods, but hopefully this will help too.
  • Budget Accommodations – The world of travel opportunities is ever growing, and so is the number of ways that you can stay for less.
  • Best Budget Airlines – We haven’t tried them all, but we’ve really grown to love some of them!
  • How I Afford to Travel – A full breakdown of how I afford my globe trotter lifestyle on a bartender salary.
  • Join our mailing list – Want a month to month update on what the best deals are? Join our mailing list and receive a once a month newsletter.

Highlights & Travel Hacks

Airfare & Planning

This month we helped several of our readers book airfare for their dream vacation plans. For Deanna Persons, based in Salt Lake City, we found round-trip tickets to Europe. She’ll be starting her trip in Spain, then hopping over to Portugal, before eventually flying home from Nice, France. We also booked a flight from Atlanta to Detroit for Allie Williams. She says she’s loving the cold weather up there. Here are our best airfare finds this month:

  • Atlanta to Detroit for $68 round trip – found on January 8th using Spirit Airlines and a promotion.
  • Visit Peru – Atlanta to Lima for $209 one-way – found on January 20th using Spirit Airlines. We’re particularly excited about this promotion since we’re planning to travel to Peru this upcoming October. Dates for the low fare fall on Saturdays and have been extending into November 2016.
  • Fly from NYC or DC to Martinique or Guadeloupe for $49 one-way. Talk about a great alternative to the typical Spring Break trip. We found this fare on Norwegian Air.
  • LAX to Europe for $600 round trip. We found deals on Norwegian flights for Deanna and her fiance; starting in Los Angeles, flying to Spain, and leaving from Nice, France.

Mileage Deals

Earlier this month, I applied for two new credit cards that offer high mileage bonuses. I was accepted for the Citi AA Advantage card, and should earn 50,000 miles after I spend $3,000 in the first 90 days. To meet the minimum spending, I’ll be using it to pay all of my bills for the next three months.

I was also approved for the Alaskan Airlines Visa Signature card. With this account I’ll earn 25,000 bonus miles after I make the first purchase. As part of the offer, you earn a one time statement credit after you spend $1000 in the first 90 days. I’ll use that credit to offset the annual fee, which is $75 per year.

Next up, I’ll be applying for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. It offers 50,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 in the first 90 days, and an additional 5,000 points after you add an authorized user. I’ll probably wait to apply for this card in late February since I already have a lot of minimum spending to do in the mean time. Total, this card promises 59,000 miles just by meeting the minimum spending, not to mention that you earn double miles on dining. If you want to learn more, or are new to mileage points, check out The Points Guy for a more in depth explanation of how things work.

What our Authors are up to..

Alex and Chris spent 10 days rock climbing in Mexico this month. They were slightly bummed to have missed out on the east coast snowpacolypse, but are happy to be home. This year they’ve set they’re sights on exploring more of the Americas. Now that Mexico is out of the way, they’re planning their big 4 month trip to South America. Before that, they’re hoping to visit new friends up in Calgary, Canada and explore Banff and Jasper.

el potrero Chico

Veronica Limeberry, has made a full recovery from her giardia battle and is alive and well in India. As she struggles to find wifi throughout remote villages, we look forward to her updates and articles. Veronica just returned to her work and studies as a Fullbright Scholar, after a Christmas holiday in Ireland. This spring she’ll be visiting Bhutan, followed by a long vacation in Eastern Europe. Look for new articles and destination guides in coming months!

Kylie Williams is currently packing her bags for a long weekend in Detroit. She’s been to Detroit a ton, so we’re excited to read her city guide and learn about the best places the city has to offer. Her next travel plan is a family trip to Washington D.C., followed by Peru and Bolivia in the fall.


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