10 reasons you'll fall in love with the colorful village, situated in the French Alps.

Annecy – A Colorful Village in France

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Annecy From the beginning of our trip to France, I was most excited about exploring Annecy and it’s picturesque surroundings. Old and beautifully faded colorful buildings, meandering canals, and a stunning crystal clear lake that’s surrounded by high snow covered peaks.. yes, this is the kind of place that Read more about Annecy – A Colorful Village in France[…]

Exploring Eze

Overview Located between Nice and Monaco, Eze is quite possibly the most picturesque and high perched village in all of Southern France. The entire area looks like a place that was forgotten for a few hundred years, only to be rediscovered by tourists and day trippers. Winding passages and cobbled streets lead you up to gardens Read more about Exploring Eze[…]

Paris Sucks

The dirty, glamorous, town which played muse to Fitzgerald and the lost generation, has officially died and all that remains is a ghostly whisper of what used to be. In Montemartre, a fairy tale of starving artists and Parisian uniqueness is sold as if it could purchased from a shelf at Walmart. No longer are the days of inspiration Read more about Paris Sucks[…]

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